The Wood Ocarina. Fine Furniture, Fine Instrument or Both?

What About Wood Ocarinas?

Wooden ocarinas are also available. You won't find nearly as many wooden ocarinas out there as you will clay. Some thoughts:

  • There are some very nice looking wooden ocarinas out there. In fact, I would probably say that most of the wooden ocarinas out there are like fine pieces of furniture in that they are beautiful to look at.
  • It takes some pretty good woodworking skills to make a wooden ocarina. And someone who has those craftsman's skills is going to make a nice looking piece of woodwork.
  • In addition to the skills, it takes some serious (and expensive) tools. So the cost to get started is higher.
  • Wooden ocarinas tend to be more expensive than clay or plastic.
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Here's a Hardwood Ocarina

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