Comparison of ocarina styles and construction materials

The ocarina is a wonderful instrument made in different styles and from different materials. With so many choices available, it can be confusing when trying to buy an ocarina.

Here's my basic advice: buy them all!! Buy every single ocarina you come in contact with. I have over 30 of these wonderful flutes in my house, and you should too. Just kidding :) I don't seriously encourage you to buy a truckload of ocarinas. If you're trying to decide on an ocarina or few, hopefully my thoughts can help.

I would categorize the ocarina into the following basic styles/categories:

  • Transverse (Sweet Potato,Zelda Style)
  • Inline

Ocarinas are made out of the following materials:

  • Clay
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal

Ocarinas also come with a varying number of finger holes (tone holes). How many holes is best?

I've broken down my comparison into several pages to make it easier to read:

For a more detailed look at different styles of ocarina go to the: Ocarina Styles page.

For some discussion on number of ocarina holes, go to the Ocarina Holes page.

For a more detailed look at the different materials that ocarinas are made of, including the plusses and minuses of each, go the to: Ocarina Materials page.

For my personal analysis and recommendations, go the to: Ocarina Analysis and Recommendations page.

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